Business Alerts
When one intends to build a relationship BASED ON THE CLIENT, it is necessary to develop a relational marketing campaign which is an involving part of a digital strategy.
An example of a relational marketing campaign is shown in the figure below.
For these campaigns, the important information to be treated is:

Clients Profiles at 360º

Contact data

Communication preferences

Personal characteristics

Important dates

and so on


Contracts, purchases, returns

Frequency and volume of the transactions

After sale service


Important events of the relationship between the client and the company

Relationship management

Between clients

Between clients and the company

Planning of the marketing campaigns through diverse channels

Telephone, Mail, Email, SMS, social networks, and so on

Activation of the commercial/billing campaigns in the sales/treasury software

Clients portfolio management of each salesperson/collector

Geographic distribution, by products types, by relationship amounts


Goals control

User profiles and access to information segments

Some variables for the success include being multi-channel, the fastness to be implemented, its flexibility and the good tracking of the results.
The below scheme presents an example of the architecture of a business alert assembly.