POS - Point Of Sale


Retailers can enhance customer shopping experience and loyalty through several ways:

1. Defining and executing dynamic and complex promotion programs:


Leveraging the sophisticated and flexible built in rule-based promotion engine.


2. Implementing a complete loyalty and campaign management environment, using:

  1. Customer enrollment and profiling;

  2. Targeted promotions definition and deployment;

  3. Sales data acquisition and analysis;

  4. Tracking and measurement of campaigns.


3. Offering more convenience and advanced interaction with consumers via advanced functionalities in the store:

  1. Item reservation, wedding list, advanced return mgmt, item size & color, up selling suggestions, etc.;

  2. Tender management , store movements, miscellaneous transactions;

  3. Employee presence control and motivation.

The solution CPI Retails presents leads to smarter store operations and allows to achieve a quick ROI:


Easy to deploy, protecting retailer’s investments


  1. Multi-store architecture;

  2. Same front-end application deployed on different devices;

  3. Single data model and integration via open standards.


Easy to manage, adapting to changing business needs


  1. Centralized management of store processes and parameters;

  2. Centralized management of promotions and loyalty campaigns.

Easy to use, enhancing productivity


  1. Touch screen technology;

  2. Flexible and user-friendly;

  3. Adaptable user interface;

  4. Rich functionality.

Technical reach of the solution: