Home and decoration stores in Angola

CPI customer since 2015

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> POS - Retail Manager by CPI

> Full integration with SAP ERP

(Kinda): We are a furniture and decorating store unlike anything you’ve seen before. We want to stimulate the natural creativity of the Angolans, giving them total freedom to play with colours, styles and materials. Allowing the traditional and the ethnic to walk hand in hand with the bold and the modern, and inspire those who don’t just want a house to be in, but a house to truly live in. Just so you can be able to create your dream home.

Our store is inspired by street markets from around the world where you can walk with no destination in mind, just surrounded by endless possibilities. From decoration to lighting, going through furniture, textiles, table and garden solutions, at Kinda Home you will find various environments that recreate different spaces of the house, for all tastes and all houses.

At Kinda Home, we are here to surprise you. Our dream is to reach out to every house. The secret is to create and know what to choose. Having the best quality at the best price is our recipe. We believe that comfort is for everyone. Our happiness is your freedom of choice. We want to bring happiness to every home.

Every year we create collections that dictate the latest trends of the furniture and decorating world. With over 6000 items, our team of professional designers creates and adapts products from scratch to suit our Kinda Home philosophy, designing exclusive pieces or customizing articles to detail from the four corners of the world.

Our aim is to provide our customer with a unique and authentic shopping experience. At Kinda Home you will find someone who is always ready to help. Our specialized teams monitor all stages of the clients projects to ensure total satisfaction, even from the most demanding of customers. We also propose additional services such as delivery and assembly of furniture, wedding lists, gift cards and loyalty programs and an exclusive catering service - the Kinda Food. Just so you can feel at home whenever you visit us.

At Kinda Home dreams are made of colours, textures and even flavours. We seek inspiration from the roots of street markets from around the world.

From the medina of Marrakesh, to the San Pedro market in Cisco in Peru. From the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul to the Darajani in Zanzibar. From the rivers in Bangkok to the side walks of Provence. The feeling you get from exploring and finding the centre where the flurry of the local market revolves.

It’s here where you find the opportunity, the mystical and the diversity, the combination that transforms the simplest materials into unique and authentic pieces. It’s in the market that social networking happens, naturally, with no fear or prejudice.

Boxes are stacked, the families, you hear the commotion of people. Pans and teapots are hung and keep us fixated. A healthy commotion, and the contagious joy of the saleswomen with their local fabrics. This is the setting for the sharing of knowledge and intertwining of cultures. The world in just one place.

We are committed to continuous vocational training to provide true career opportunities to all our workers and infuse a Premium and Specialized Service. That is why in every member of our team you will find a specialized consultant that will help you turn your house into your dream home.