25 years of


Powering Retail

In terms of target market, CPI Retail targets the fashion market, the cosmetics market, the home and decoration market, books, CD's and DVD's market, the house appliances market, and the food and beverage market.
CPI Retail
The company
The History of CPI Retail starts with its foundation in 1992 in Lisbon, Portugal. In that year the company established the vision of becoming one of the largest European references in supplying "end-to-end" solutons for retail in general, and for fashion retail in particular. The mission/slogan of the company is to Simplify retail processes. With real solutions. converting the restrictions of the clients retail processes into operational benefits, without neglecting the functional scope, and always following the principles of Operational Simplicity and Functional Wealth and Richness.
CPI Retail characterize itself for being a Customer Oriented organization and for that purpose, in each project:
  • it commits to supply technology to improve and facilitate business and processes;

  • it demonstrates the projects ROI with clarity;

  • it purposes the best solutions for the customers' needs.

  • Transform our knowledge, experience and products in solutions with defined benefits to our clients.
  • Keep the quality of the solution and services at the highest levels and incessantly seek out Excellency.

  • Assure the return of investments of our clients in retail store solutions.

  • Align the information systems with the client strategy and business goals.

  • Promote long term and stable professional relationships with our clients, creating true partnerships.

  • To promote a good working atmosphere, ensuring the employees welfare and contribute to their personal and professional development.

  • To encourage innovation and creativity.

  • Focus on customers as the reason of our success.

  • Incessant search for Excellency.

  • Transparency, honesty and success sharing with all stakeholders.

  • Ensuring the return of shareholders by focusing on efficiency and sustained growth of the business.

  • Promoting social responsibility and respect cultural diversity.

Powering Retail
Therefore, CPI Retail works with a team with more than 25 years of experience in implementing and managing retail solutions. It is a SAGE partner and presents solutions such as the Retail Manager for the retail sector in general and the SAGE X3 Fashion (add on for the Sage X3 ERP) for the fashion retail sector in particular. The Retail Manager presents a huge potential for the satisfaction of the retail clients' technological needs, such as: POS, BI, Campaign Management, Talent Management, Automatic Replenishment Processes, Business Alerts, and ERP Integration. The SAGE X3 Fashion was developed having in mind the specific needs of fashion retailers and using all the knowledge, experience and know how that CPI Retail have been being accumulating along the years with its fashion clients.
The Retail Manager contains several independent modules that are scalable, being able to follow client growth. It combines the dimensions of Management, Operation, Commerce, Marketing, and Support in an single application, which can be adapted and personalised to the reality of each client. 
The solution is available in Portuguese, Castilian, French, English and Italian. Regarding integration, it can be fully integrated with Sage ERP X3, it has dashboards ready on QlikView, and it is easily integrated with CCTV, foot fall systems, etc. It is a solution of easy use, as it is designed for store people and environment, and it has deep functionalities on a suggestive way of use. Regarding Electronic payments integration, it can be integrated with SIBS (Portugal) and MB Way, SERVIRED (Spain), and EMIS (Angola) – under approval. It allows also a tax free integration (Global Blue, Premier Tax Free and Innova), electronic receipts by CTT, and it has the airports homologation: Spanish AENA airports approval and Portuguese ANA integration.
The company has internationalized itself in 2009, being today present in 7 countries, from which we can emphasize Portugal, Spain and Angola. This demonstrates the ability of the company to satisfy the needs of large and medium retail chains, which means, the ability to supply very complete and flexible solutions, that are at the same time very easy to operate.